Friday Favorites: Cooking Channels We Follow on YouTube

It's our nightly habit to watch a few YouTube videos before we sleep. And of course it would have to be cooking videos. We base most of our recipes with few alterations from these YouTubers.

Here's a list of cooking channels we follow on YouTube.

Panlasang Pinoy
Whenever we have to cook Filipino food, this is the first website or channel we go to. I even remember typing "[insert Filipino food here] panlasang pinoy" on Google everytime I want to brush up on Pinoy dishes.

Taiwan Duck
We cook a lot of Asian dishes at home, and Taiwan Duck is my husband's favorite YouTube channel for Taiwanese cuisine. But more than anything we love that the host is very lively and she has tons of recipes to share. 

We have been in a Korean frenzy lately. Watching several Korean dramas make us crave for Korean food a lot. We also follow a lot of Korean food channels on YouTube and Maangchi is one of them. Rodney got his Kalbi-jim and Korean-style chicken recipe from her channel.

Wantanmien by Maria Wong
Wantanmien of Maria Wong is Germany-based but she was born in Hong Kong so she has a lot of cantonese recipes. She's Rodney's go-to channel for dimsum such as radish cake and cheong fan as well as Hong Kong style crispy roasted pork belly.

Joy of Baking
Since I started baking a month ago, there's never a day that I don't go to this website. I find her recipes easy to follow and classic. I got my Mango Cream Roll sponge cake recipe on her website.

Wok the Fok
These hilarious guys are from Canada. They have outrageous kitchen antics that you have to see for yourself. The most memorable for me is their Peking Duck video.

Ochikeron is from Japan. And if there's one word to describe her, it has to be "kawaii". Her speaking voice is so cute that you would want to watch her video until the end. I like how she makes the recipes look simple with her step by step instructions. I also like that her video has a page for ingredients that I can copy. I made one of her cake recipes which is the strawberry shotokeki or strawberry short cake. Oh and I love her signature catch phrase, "And now it's done!"

Cooking with Dog
Cooking with Dog on YouTube
The host of this show is Francis. And he is as engaging as he can be. You might chuckle the first time you watch him. But the recipes on his channel are priceless and extensive! They cook a lot of Japanese dishes.

Laura in the Kitchen
Laura Vitale on YouTube
Laura Vitale Website
It's very pleasing to watch Laura because she is very upbeat. Her instructions are clear and I love her kitchen! She has a very diverse list of recipes and if you visit her site, you will find at least 500 recipes! 

Hope you like this list! Please leave a comment if you have any topic for our Friday Favorites. 

Thanks a lot and happy cooking!


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