San Juan Food Adventures: Shuin The Smoked Chicken Food House

Friends would always ask us how we manage to get to places far from where we live (Taguig). Our collective answer most of the time, "Basta may pagkain." ("As long as there's food.")

The Wilson area in San Juan is one of our happy places. I used to live in San Juan, so this area is no stranger to us. We used to hang out here during the Blitz Krieg (an awesome gaming/computer shop) days. When billiards is still in, we used to go to Green Room a lot. And eat at Tasty Dumplings and Hapchan. Being in Wilson is comforting.

Now that a lot of new restaurants have their home-base here, we are here almost every weekend. There's a lot to cover, but on this post, we'll talk about Shuin - The Smoked Chicken Food House.

Shuin Smoked Chicken House
Tip: Shuin Smoked Chicken only sells for P200 after 8PM!

Shuin is considered new in the area. We love noodles and chinese turo-turo food, so we were so happy when we discovered Shuin. Even though they sell the usual noodles that come in a HUGE bowl, their specialty is their smoked chicken and duck. An order of smoked chicken or duck comes with rice and side dishes. You can choose from side dishes available for the day and you can even add more for a small fee. You can also order 1 whole smoked chicken, eat half and take home the other half.

Shuin Smoked Chicken House
Side Dish: Soy Tofu

Shuin Smoked Chicken House
Taiwan Pork Chop

Shuin Smoked Chicken House
Dumpling Noodles

Their smoked chicken is flavored in the simplest way possible with sesame oil, salt and pepper. But it tastes great!

Shuin Smoked Chicken House
Smoked Chicken
Shuin Smoked Chicken House
Side Dishes 

Shuin Smoked Chicken House

Shuin Smoked Chicken House
Dining area is small but cozy. They have free wifi.
Have you been to Shuin? What do you think of their food?

Restaurant info:
San Juan branch: G and L building J. Abad Santos st. Little Baguio, San Juan (same building as Serenitea)
Quezon City branch: 100b Maria Clara st. Sto. Domingo, Quezon City

Thanks and happy eating,


  1. always wanted to try the one in Maria Clara. That smoked chicken looks good :)

    1. Thanks Berylle! The smoked chicken was good, had sesame flavor. :)



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