Chicken Nori Rolls

This is a no-rice roll that can be served as an appetizer or main dish.


4 Toasted nori wrapper
1 ripe mango
1 japanese cucumber
6-8 lettuce leaves
2-3 Chicken breast fillet marinated in sesame oil, rice wine,  salt and pepper

1. Pan grill chicken in a griddle. Cut in strips.
2. Slice cucumber, mango and lettuce in thick strips.
3. Prepare rolling mat. Place nori wrapper in the middle and arrange ingredients in a neat pile.
4. Roll mat carefully making sure to press firmly after each roll. Thickness of roll will depend on the amount of ingredients you have inside.
5. Slice with a sharp moist knife or cut with a sharp pair of scissors.

For the dipping sauce:

Combine 3tsp yogurt,  1tsp rice wine vinegar and 1tsp sesame oil.  Season with salt,  pepper ans sugar.

Yields 3-4 rolls.  Good for 2-3 people. Or 1 very hungry individual.  :D


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