Starter Kitchen Series: Shopping List for a Week of Quick Healthy Meals

Just want to share what I've learned the past couple of months about market day and healthy cooking.

I realized that with just a few staple ingredients, it is easy to prepare healthy meals throughout the week.

Here's a list of my go-to fresh produce:

- romaine lettuce
- cucumber
- zucchini
- eggplant
- lemon/lime/calamansi
- tomatoes, onion, garlic
- carrots
- snow peas
- avocado
- apple/pear
- leeks or spring onions
- wansoy/coriander

- fish fillet
- chicken breast fillet
- lean pork steak
- canned tuna in water

- plain yogurt
- low fat mayonnaise
- balsamic vinegar
- olive oil
- ground paprika, five spice, coriander, cinnamon
- eggs
- whole wheat tortilla (or make your own)
- fusili (or any pasta alternative, whole wheat, fresh etc.)
- rice (white or brown. Short grain white is best for congee.)
- your fav cheese (cheddar, mozarella etc.)

Sample menu from this grocery list:

- Meatless egg muffin
- Vegetable omelette
- Scrambled eggs with yogurt and salad side dish
- Breakfast Quesadilla (eggs and cheese sandwiched in 2 tortillas)
- Eggvocado! (Baked sunny side egg in an avocado)
- Avocado Shake with Lettuce

- Chicken Pasta Salad
- Fish Congee
- Pan seared Pork Steak with Steamed Snow Peas and Carrots
- Tuna Pasta with Eggplant in Olive Oil
- Chicken Fillet or Pork Steak Fajita

- Fish or Chicken Skewers (with zucchini, cucumber, apple or pear, onion)
- Chicken Vegetable Salad (with grilled eggplants)
- Stir Fry Chicken with Leeks and Carrots
- Pan seared fish with a side of cucumber lettuce salad (balsamic, olive oil, yogurt dressing
- Tuna lettuce cups

Pasta Salad

Meatless Egg Muffin and Salad for breakfast

Tip: Prepare hearty lunch with more carbs (pasta, rice, bread, tortilla) and have a lighter dinner with less or no carbs. Go crazy for breakfast! Snack on apples, crackers, nuts or sticks of veggies like carrots.)

Have done most of the meals here but will still need to write the recipe for each. You can follow me on Instagram (@jennkitchenwip) for quick meal updates and for shortened version of each recipe.


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